Thursday, March 26, 2009

being messy. n lots of lies.


just trying to clear things out. i've been lying for the past 3 months about my blog. no, i didnt do any 'renovation' or editing or even feels like doing anything to it. it was becoz of i really dun have the feelings the write anything. everything was so mixed up. i cant even think straight. i was a bad driver for the past few months becoz my head was up in the air. thinking of nothingness that'll fill my life. fuh. lies. lies. n lies.

now, im back again. stretching out my fingers n let loose of my brain. wat makes me into blogging again? yep, i wanted to write about Allahyarham Sir Mahisham, the most dearly-beloved-permanently stamped on each n every single hearts. but, i'll keep that aside for a moment. i think everybody's grieving n i dun want to make it more worst. yes, i love him. we love him so much that some of us cudnt accept it that he's gone. forever.

told ya that i've got so many things mixed up that i dun even no where to start. Atiq, i've been crazy reading ur blog, kerol's blog, kak jumie's blog n ade lah a few more. until i felt like im giving up writtin blog...hahahha....baek baco blog ore jah key? he hik..

again, im sorry for privating my blog tanpa sebab yang kukuh to tell. im sorry that i lied about editing my layout or sumthin2. i'll start blogging again. i will. so many to tell, so many to spell. aaaa, maybe i shud jot down some of the major topics for future post *ala-ala flashback lah kan?* hahahahhaa..

1. Dayang Nurfaizah
2. Teater Nyonya
3. Malam Anugerah Sanggar Sanjung
4. Interview?
5. a bit of my love life
6. a new hobby *jeng3*
My Birthday

aaaa...that shud be ok for now. later ya~ bye



kerol izwan said...

i'm glad you're back. can't wait for another posts ;)

Ahmad Shahrum said...

Caiyuk..caiyuk... Bring out the best from u....Bee Cool and Bee Strong.. coz BEE like to sting...