Monday, March 30, 2009

ol i need is a sparkle of luck!

30 March 2009
i was crying badly last nite, sangat burok n sangatlah tak macho. y? Aina left oredi. yeap, she left for good. got a new job in PJ and now terkontang-kantinglah daku sorang2 di sini. 4 years of frenship, we cried, we laugh, we quarrel, we danced..umh, sgt2 lah byk knangan n i was so sure she'll neva leave me behind. we share the same opinions on almost everything!mekna, aku mau ikot kamuu!!!


31 March 2009
lunch time.

these conversation happens only in my thoughts.
"eh, nok kol mekna la if she wants to hv Pecalele." picked up the phone n dialled...truttt~
"oops, mekna key kelit Putarajaya doh" put aside the phone. urgh.
"oh,no..well beha. REMINDER: u r alone now, no lunch-mate"
"come on..think of sumone else,hurry up"
"ahhhaaa! TINK! nobody...-__-*
"ok, be strong..eleh,manjo2 sgt neyh"

mekna, kalu lah aku bleh nyanyi lagu Baby Come Back ko mum~


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kerol izwan said...

awww....seriously? i'm sorry to hear that bee. be strong k! jgn emo2 sangat. i know, mule2 memang susah. macam aku dulu nak kuar penang. i was crying myself badly taww. hope things get better'll do great! insyaALLAH