Monday, April 27, 2009


i want a husband
who can send me to work
and fetch me home
who will sleep beside me
n hug me close
who will help me with the laundry
cooking and cleaning the house

a husband
who can make me smile
n laugh after a tiring day
and even cuddle me no matter how smelly i got

who will help massage my back
when i have a bad backache
who i can say "dear, i really love that shirt, wud u buy one for me?"
and compliments me every morning and night
who'll kiss my forehead and say "I love u" with all his heart

a husband
who loves my mother, my sister and my brothers
who can accompany us to the shop
or even to the clinic
who can stay up if im working late
who will make coffea and buy goreng pisang for tea

who can share his work, his friends and his life with me
the same goes to me
who will never go crazy if i tell him i spend all my money
ha ha

and will forever be supportive as i will be
the most of all,
who will never leave me
and stay with me without doubt
i love u whoever u are
as long as u'll stay the same
a husband to me

*i figured out that man doesnt really understand that these small-tiny little things means the world for us..yeap, this maybe nonsense, but for me..all those watever i said are simple things to b highlighted..we can be easy, but its not a surprise if we r suddenly hard as rock. hahahha..


spekmataputih said...

:-) good one

Tengku Atique said...

if there really is someone like this in the world, i think he must already be taken :'(

beeRamza said...

atiq: nice girl like u will get nice guy. dun weri too much. hehee..*wink*

syaz violet said...

in that case i should be thankful that i already found him...but the fact is find that perfect??? lucky 4 those who found them...
to have half of it is gud enuff..bcuz we know we should be perfect also for perfect man..