Saturday, April 11, 2009

Liverpool da kalahkan Blackburn 4-0

eh. tak best nye type gune kibod kat umah did i just say UMAH?? yesss!! m at home at last...duuuh, home sweet home...sangat2 homesick..n i finally got the guts to drove all the way from Penang back to KB...uyeahh!! well, i did stop at Banding (of course)..sent the posters, picked up samples n still need to be back there on Monday..BUUUUUTTTTT, i am HOME now!! uhhh...tanak pk ape2 best best.

ape y best kat umah??
1. u can actually sleep-watching tv.
2. i really love the smell of mommy's sofa.
3. new bed! momi bought a really huge new bed for us *us = me, momi n my sis laa*
4. my room. errr, dah jadi mcm store dah
5. all the foooddddd...yummmy....~
6. honestly. i just really adore my house. uumaaaaahhhhhh!!!its good to be back..

ish, agak2 da brape lame tak balik umah ni..n jadi excited sgt bcoz i didnt plan this at all. suddenly bubbles popped-up in my head. ape kate balik aje lah umah, da alang2 nak p Banding~ uyeaahhh!! n i did it!!

uuhh..bye.nap p tidoq kat katil baru!!yeahh!

*sronotnyaa* =)


spekmataputih said...

so we're plan wiken tibo2...adeehhss...gud2

kerol izwan said...

hahaha..good to know ko berani giler to drive all the way from penang to kelate. way to go! and yeah! playing the good guys is always not equal me kan? hahaha

mind if i go bed with you?!!!!!!

hahahahhaah......horny2! siot!

bee's blog officially rated 18^ ;)

ejai said...

Ad-hoc plan, berjaya la tu..surprise!surprise! ada lak katil sure 20 jam tido je the way, 3 of the big 4 BPL club manage to score 4 goals, way to go The Blues..hehehe..~Good to c u hve super sronot balik kelate~..yummmies..pekena lauk kelate.. :)

beeRamza said...

uhuumm..baru tingat comments kat post ni..

awihs: ad-hoc always work!!

kerol: ko boleh blaahh!!p tido ngan iqram laa wei..siot ja ayat..! hahaha...p p, iqram dinzly duk tunggu ko tu~

ejai: kelantan is the Best!!