Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i m up early today.
masuk lab pon pukul 8 pg lagi. but i think im going home just around 9.
i was so confused when i woke up this morning.
serabut kpl+ i dun no wats wrong.
moody? ataupon takde perasaan langsung?
ok now, part of me says maybe it was bcoz im too tired.
another part says, no, its bcoz u hv nothing to do.
well, both r correct.

oh, help. bagaimanakah? utk menceriakam hari niss...*the weather is not helping at all*


spekmataputih said...

slower pace...rilep2...monday blues x abih lg la tuh

ejai said...

Hmm.moody ek: Take A deep breath.mkn cokelat.. maybe u can sense kot 2molow morning Liv nak kalah dgn Ars di anfield."DEJAVU"..
Huhu.no offence k.. Yup cracking match 3.00 pagi sok..
REDS vs GUNNERS..uyeahh..

Khairul Izwan said...

hahaha~the weather always...takkan menyebelahi kite. mai kL. jom2!