Wednesday, April 8, 2009

oh no.

susohnyo nok buat decision. especially bila berada di persimpangan. or so-called "persimpangan dilema". haha. well, i've made my choice. that is: stick to wat im doing now. pursue my dream. master n up to go *uh, phd is a long way to go lah!*. thanks to my bro, Awom n ol the ppl dat hv been motivating me. blaja, blaja, blaja. he he he.

quoted from Awom : kena ada sacrifice la kalu nk move forward..sacrifice... utk dapat yg terbaik nanti

well, it was nice to have those wonderful experiences going to the interview. but, history it will be. go beha go!!


p/s: "You'll Never Walk Alone".... < Liverpool vs Chelsea tunite 2 am. Go Torres!!


ejai said...

Huhuhu.At least u hv already experience this situation and make u more motivated to face the future.Believe this, There will be alwizz opportunities out there..Insyaallah"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity"."Not to let the event define us, our present or our future,but we must discover what we can learn from it". ;)
P/S:~Go Chelsea!!~Let Liv Walk Alone

kerol izwan said... that simple kan. once you bulatkan hati, decision made. and i'm sure you have picked the right one. so go bee go bee...buzzzziinnnggggg!!~~~


spekmataputih said...

Stand tall
Leave the waste you're on
There's hope in every war
It's time to keep your strength for more
From what you never knew was yours last dh decide...will support u whatever it takes (as usual)

beeRamza said...

ejai: aduihh...mcmane leh kalah nni!!! arghh!!

kerol: its ok to bulatkan hati, tgk2 sat g aku bulatkan badan lak.

arih: thanks so much!