Tuesday, May 12, 2009

y shit stinks?

hahaha...kasar ke tajuk? alah, no worries. m not going to talk about shit anyway. thats one of so many questions in the world that shudnt be asked. agree? contoh lain, nape ore gile tak sewaras kite? or y do langit biru berwarna biru? or knape baju yang sbulan tak basuh bau busuk? and so on.. i've got so plenty or shall i say terrrrrrsangat byk soalan 'bodoh' been asked. n my simple answer is 'aku punye sukkkeee ahhh!' thats rude thou. hahaha. served u rite. oh plis, things happen for a reason, if not then it must happen for many reasonS. y r ppl complaining, when the leftout was nothing that can be repaired. i dont know. uh uh.

be like a rubber ball, my prof said. as the rubber ball bounces back when it hits the floor and keep on bouncing. and dont be like a glass, once u drop it. pecah. berterabur. tak dapek eden nak nolong nya ha..

aku suke org y berterus-terang. sume ore pon suke. tp aku tak suke org y suke buruk sangke kat org. sbb sape2 pon tak suke org camtu. yes, i do agree ppl may have their own opinions on everything. but pls, kne ingat sensitivity certain ppl or anybody are on different levels. i may explode if ppl tell me my friends are shit-headed. but may not if that person only refers to me. *yeah i am a shit-headed girl, so?* thats for an example. u can think urself of more examples ok.

the world is spinning man. nothing stops for u. yeah i walked. a shallow mind will never survive in this huge opened world. a rotten heart can never passed a lover's trust. well, kalau pun niat baek disangke buruk, no one to be blamed. thats God way of making us strong.

walaupun aku tak tegar.

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