Monday, June 22, 2009

my POV


short n nice ok wahai mr Pendek.

a wonderful man, but surely obsessed-minded. gilo tetapi masih waras dlm pemikiran. yes, u wandered but u neva looked back to see who's wandering TOGETHER with u. which means u r not alone. kind-hearted tp cover baek punya. short but cute. glenya but under control. u r not poyo, tp di bawah kategori itu when u actually own sumthing (or almost everything) that other ppl dont have. u say sumthing sharply, sincere but sumtimes tertusuk jantung. but dont worry, whoever listen n laugh are true friends. so am i. oh, u r not forgotten but maybe u went off the track. ppl remmber, n knew u r always THERE.

ok, enuff for my POV of view. UMUM ok.


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