Thursday, June 18, 2009

stupid things.

some stupid things i've done yesterday.

1. i bought a Father's Day card. balik umah then realized nobody's home to read the card. ok, funny but i cried for my stupidity. its almost 4 years now. how can i be soooo stupid n bought the card? argh. dadi, i missed u.

2. kak zairin was complaining on the new lect. Dr Ch*u has really pissed her off. sabar ye akak. so wat i did was trying to calm her down. haha. skali lagi, 'trying to calm her down' due to her bad day. aanndd we went to the Baskin Robbins!!!! junior cup, n enuff! i had for myself Jamoca Almond Fudge n kakzairin's flava was only Vanilla. nyuummie. stress-free and out of money! hahahaa

3. disebabkan oleh Jamoca eskrem tu, i cudnt sleep well! arghhhh! siot ja terkebil-kebil pg2 buto. uhh.


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