Thursday, July 23, 2009


giler takut for wats coming tmrw. argh.

pls, wish me luck! ak nk bior jd perfect. almost-perferct pon takpe. tak tak..*sederhana dlm idup*..biar esok jadi Nice pon cukup lah.


budat2. elp Cik A!bestnya kalo idop cam dorang je...fuuh~

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ejai said...

Afraid is a gud feeling which make us to alwiz aware n alert of what is happening.

Faith is one thing, Luck is another thing, whateva it is..ur nawaitu and effort towards to what u want to achieve is the key of success..

Insya allah,tak rugi mencuba,oredi at this final stage,lot of ppl is supporting u, and most important blessing from ur mami n ur close family mbrs.

Way to go bee..go!go! Chaiyuk!. GD LK...