Monday, July 6, 2009

face the truth (1)

aku dah lupe la details psl ni ni..(n malas nak re-call balik) since the excitement pon mcm da ilang..tak tahu nak start was like 10 times dah kot i tried to write about this, n yet i cudnt publish any of it..huwwwwwwaaaaa!


the title should be: GADIS MELAYU?????

ok ok. i did go to the audition. it was held at Cititel Hotel, Penang. hahaha. the interviewer were NurFarahin Jamsari n Jehan Miskin (he's not that Jambuu afterall *wink*). There were about 25+ gadis-gadis y mencuba nasib. I was wif aina (she did the audition too) n accompanied by K Yan n Cikah. We were actually cabar-mencabar n ended up 'YES, Lets go n try out!'. hahaha. i'm not going into details about the audition lah yer. dah basi ni. but we were shocked by all the unexpected questions. I got a math ques on fractions *oh i sucked at math* n baaaaaaaaaaanyak lagi. ok enuff, tgk pic aje lah k. =)

jd, after the audition. kami balik la umah. hoping for none of our pictures or vid kuar tv. whahhaa..mcm lawak je...tibe2...on one Friday..'wei Beha, ko masuk Gadis Melayu keee????'


to be continued


kerolizwan said...

ye ye
you heard her kan
she's one of the contestant.

after all, it's worth to give it a shot kan
even farahin has slightly dislike feelings towards you
im sure jehan was the one who convinced her to put you in the next around


missyradziah said...

ak ni nk dikira brudu dlm pipet pown buleh accept jgk la..
smlm saiful yg hbq ko msok GM..
ak cm tak caye la kn...
so ak balik n browse kt tv9 GM..
cm tak kenal pown ade gk..
pastu cm jeles lak..
normal feelin s human kn..
bravo beha!
u ad byk surat kt skull..
gud luk!!