Monday, August 10, 2009

Ups n Downs.

something happened. that makes me wanna write rite now. its not that easy to please ppl. now i know. aduihh. im sssooooo down after i read 1 negative comment about my appearance on the 1st episode. it said,

acapana - 08/08/2009 6:50:30 PM bagi peserta robaeha ramza ramli tu... pakai tudung dah ok dah. tapi tak tutup dada betul2. tapi yg paling peliknya sbb. pakai kain terbelah. baik tak yah pakai tudung. pastu masa menari siap singkap kain lagi. nampak lutut lagi.

my, siap state full name. n that particular person must have watch very carefully the program that day. or keep on playing the catch-up version. TAPI, wat im going to set up in my mind take this positively. yes, n to thank him/her for the comment. i'll take it up n make improvements. =) really appreciates that! and actually that was the 1st comment stating my name *not the general ones* so i really wanna put it up in my blog. thee...

and, thanks to Kak Raihanah and Kerol for posting about me in their blogs. nice eh u guys!

ok bee, time to be strong! uyeah!

p/s: this time its going to be a big change. i hope this time works. kdg2 kite perlu mengambil langkah y besar utk melakukan sesuatu perubahan. bukan glamor y dikejar, tetapi kejayaan di penghujung jalan. aminn..~


adamx said...

u go girl! xyah kesah lah pasal tu.. nobody's perfect.. ntah2 owang tu pun pakai xsempurna.. pedulikkan!!! GM(space)BEE send to 33399 semua!!!!!

ejai said...

"strong in ur character" mind and soul and that is allwizz bee my tagline to u.. in tis show bizz world, benda2 mcm ni mmg akn jd.alwiz alert (expect the unexpected) thing surrounded u,coz ppl is watching..

nobody;s perfect dear.. hope tis wont effect u much.still got long way to go.. u is u, take everything positive.

~chomei sokmo~..
GDLK *thumbs up*

kerolizwan said...

starch uP!
nothing they could say only stupid comments so let them be and you know yourself better.


beeRamza said...

adamx: thanks bro...yeahh!!

ejai: thumbs up too!

kerol: hup hup!

CiP FaRAh said...

kak beha... ilek sudah... buat bodo sudoh... make sure u'll win, okeh!! kasik tutup mulut diorg..hahaha