Friday, September 11, 2009

come and go.


we r still here but leaving only with 8 girls. last night was really unpredictable. its hard to accept that Lyn and Izan were out oredi. Lyn was my roomates for the whole 6 weeks in this competition. She has been a very great sister, listener and teacher. I've learnt lot of meaningful things from her. and i actually still cudnt accept it that im going to walk this alone from now (without this talkative makcik with me lah). well, she has been motivating me since week 1 n now whats left are only her words. *aiyo, tlebih emo lah plak kan?* well Kak Lyn, i wish u all the best in ur futureundertaking. i know, u know, WE know that u have the talent and the world is not going to swallow u up. the industy needs ppl like u..yeah!

to Izan, u have the spirit! chaiyok2! and im proud of u. so as the team. go Puteh Production!!

~Puteh Production~


kerolizwan said...

you'll do great!

adamx said...

go go go...

ejai said...

xperience u gain from her, is honour it, u shall move forward and Bee strong to keep on going..
and the REDS quote "You'll NeVer Walk AloNe"!!

P/S: Awesome clip presentation by Puteh Production!!Great work by all of you..regards to them..

arnamee said...

Salam bee..

eheh. anem mik kesempatan ni yg,
tulis tntg kamu kat blog.

urgent pas tgok keadaan genting b4 ni;p

take care, salam aidilfitri deh^_^