Friday, November 20, 2009

shit happens ol the time now.

i didnt know exactly wat i felt rite now. m back in penang, n still waiting for the so-called interview that was scheduled 'morning' its 5 pm n yet i didnt happen to meet anyone. adoi,melayu melayu...

n i learned the fact that ppl are acting in front of me..motif ape? revenge? hey...aku ni kalo gadoh camne skali pon...kalo bende dah lepas, lepas lah..wats done is done..nak simpan lam ati nape? it hurts a lot! damn it n i shudnt be here..

so? wats next? aku dah buhsan kot jadi baek. shit nape lah manusia tak pnah bersyukur kan? m damn serious this time. sape2 cube wat ati aku sakit, u'll see the other side of me or u'll never see me again ever! i wont vow for friendship or coolness or baik ati or watsoever anymore.

so bye bye angels, here come the devils.


spekmataputih said... comes the angel...uyyeaaahhh!! bad devil!! bad devil!! *whip whip* ahahhahha

ejai said...

Dont la bee RED DEVILS, u is REDS ma.hehe. Remember Lor..You'll Never Walk Alone. hip!hip! Hoorayy!!! *wink*

kerolizwan said...

my comment stops there :DD