Thursday, December 3, 2009

manusia biasa.

life's is so weird in its own way.

sekejap im soooooo in the limelight..hahhaa..masuk tv lah..artis, n wat sooo ever...but i ended up living my normal life back..and this is soooooo me...tak rase pon for the past 3 months i was a celeb or almost-celeb lah kan..whahhaa...but sure pengalaman y tak bleh nak cekup suke2 ati... but trust me, i dont do changing in myself. im always Beha...n yes, im so liking the feeling of being B.E.H.A again! uhhh!!! grrr...

n now, i dont care bout the past or wateva happens before..lets do shaping up n drawing n colouring and sprinkling our future. look forward. masalah akan ade bile2 aje..but sure is He's there to help..Ya Allah, Kau berilah kami petunjuk...

hmm..wats the purpose of this entry? aaa...nuthin'!


chill, y kite nmpk+faham itu tersurat, belum cukup mendalami apa yang makrifat *i think i got this line from a drama on TV3*

lets explore the world!


kerolizwan said...

i call you bee. period~

beeRamza said...

ko mmg. degil! hish. =P