Friday, February 5, 2010


ilham dari sebuah memori usang yang indah.

promise me wat happened in the past will forever stay there.
and i'll promise everything in my past will be gone forever.

promise me ur love is pure,
and i'll give u the love of heart and soul.

promise me,
with ur heart..that we'll remain us.
love is not blind dear,
it covers the bad,
to make its journey unforgettable.

past is everything that shudnt be undo,
thus in future is a new u.


p/s: love makes the world goes round and round.


adiman said...

biase je ni..

ZooL said...

ah sudoh..ingat sapo plak ni :p

Anonymous said...

i promish

ceghi said...
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ceghi said...

remember, love makes people go round also. ;p