Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the truth hurts.

i was chatting with one of my Bffs the other day. and i encountered a truth. i was taken as a person who have been playing around with other people's heart all this while. but he believed that wasnt my intention after all. well, yeah. the truth sure hurts a lot. if only i can beg for your apologies, the people who have been hurt or dumped into tears because of me. as i really regretted and clumsily werent aware of what i have been doing in years. i dont do magic. but the only thing i treasured the most is love. everybody is choosing the best path of their life, so do i. we are all being selfish, and fighting for the most affordable life that heart can take. i wasnt sure that time, neither do now.

im sorry. T_T

if ever i broke ur heart, just remember this; i broke mine too.

i love blindly, thus my love is blind.

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