Friday, June 25, 2010

Kinabalu; let them arrive n come back safe.

hye sister,

i know u wont be reading this since there's no internet connection at your home (hello, its Putrajaya bukae pedalamang, go n get urself broadband laa weyh) and u'll be flying off to Sabah tomorrow early in the morning. Yeah, Mount Kinabalu, here they come!! outdoor activities sure does linked with our names! hehehehe..i love u for being brave sis! BUT, please dont do it half-heartedly sis (i was shocked when u tell me that just now on the phone). u have to put ur whole heart in it. then it'll be fun. take lots of pictures and smile all the way up and down. makesure u fill ur tummy with good food and drink lots of water. it'll be raining (i've checked the weatherboard) and always change ur socks if it gets wet. HAHA, i never tot i'll be this kepoh and have so many things to nag. i cudnt tell it on the phone since i might cry. weyh, its not Broga, nor Gunung Datok or watsoever bukit-bukit u have been. its Kinabalu and u have to make sure my sweater, Awom's towel and the B-Young gets at the peak! hahahahhaa. ok sis?

well, thats u and me. at my wedding. eh, Awin's wedding. HAHAHA. oke oke, i'll stop being gelenya. heeee ^_^

Take Care Metettt!!!! eh, pesanan penaja ini also goes to Broadimang and Kak Eita. ^_^ and the other 7 lagi.

love u and lots of hugs!

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adiman said...

tq for the wishes!