Monday, October 25, 2010

Memories; Histories

this is.....................................


a collection of photos of me and my officemates (and my boss) on our mini project at Lembah Bujang. nice place, nice weather, not nice people. hahahaha. and im wearing a purple hijab with a green sponsored XL-sized t-shirt (sure is very daring colour-matching huhh?). *cries blood* ALSO i lost my beloved powerpuff girls jibbits there!!! @_@

thats one part of History im talking here. another is, i have finally quit! well, that was almost a month ago. hahaha brave? yeah rite. i was scared i can hear my knees knocking on the day i hand out the resignation letter. T_T hmm, now im officially jobless and im loving it! i have been working since before i graduated. sekarang macam burung terlepas sangkar. or burung dapat katil baru (sbb takpayah bangun pagi nak mandi segala, iron baju cepat-cepat dan pegi keje, yeay!). but still, i have to wake up super-early for the morning prayer uhhh (of course momi will be the alarm clock) heeee...surprise surprise!!! but dont worry i have LOTS MORE SURPRISES coming soon! erhh, bukan kawen yer. i'll let others pass first. okei?

tbc. mmuah!

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