Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Friend.

i m sorry.
been asking for ur apologizes since i kno i made a mistake.
expectedly, u r covered by anger, controlled by hatred.
nah, i'll neva giv up.
as i remember, u've told me before m ur fren, n we'll always be.
yeah, i deserved this.
but neva deserved to be punished.
i love u, n i will always will.
to me, a fren, the most dearest as u r will remain inside.
will neva i neglect.
but sometimes i forget.
thought u'll understand, thou ur feelings are mixed-up.
yes dear, move on.
the world is spinning.
ol i ask is..
Forgive me.
n forgive me.
for u, i'll always wait.
pls, forgive me.

m dedicating dis to a fren, whose there when i fell, n keep me strong when i need help. i did, did one mistake, dat i will, neva do again. as i forget, my promise. pls dear fren, i m hurt, so as u. we've been thru thick n thin. i'll stop here. n will wait.

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kerol said...

that's very thoughtful..tq..and love too!~