Wednesday, December 17, 2008



it took me 5 minutes to start typing. well, it seems like too many emotions, and feelings to pour in dis time..adeh~

I was very touched, and confused after watching one segment of Wanita Hari Ini today. The topic was on Gelora Rumahtangga: talking about Abusing. Everybody even a primary school kids knew wat is Abuse. Stated everywhere; written or by-action; physically or mentally, there are various kinds of Abuse. Scary ones, and deadly ones included. Well, Love and Faith sure cant help solving these cases. *in my opinion* But, the question is, why is this happening? Dr Fadzilah Kamsah stated, " Semua ini berlaku apabila Lelaki hilang kawalan, atau kekurangan dari segi Kesihatan, Kesabaran..terlampau Stress atau apabila kekurangan dari segi Seks. "

Jd, masalahnye dtg dari pihak Lelaki lah yer? But then, he added " Vibration positive, getaran yang gembira, menarik perlu lah dikeluarkan..contohnye apabila suami baru balik kerja, urut2 tgn dia, buat air ke, layan 2 3 min, jangan biar getaran negatif kuasai rumah.." and more " sbb itu, suami bila dah sampai rumah,sblum masuk rumah, kne bace Bismillah 3 kali, niat baik2, baru Syaitan yang mmg kejenye khas Memporak-perandakan Rumahtangga kalah, takleh hasut si suami " and bla bla bla... tapi, kesimpulannya " Kita semua kena berbaik-baik dgn Allah, selalu berdoa, selalu bersyukur, selalu memohon padaNya, bak kate berkawan baik lah dengan Allah " and that was a very nice conclusion. I admit, these probs no matter where it happens, to whom, how bad it is..happens for a course.

Well, this topic reminds me of my late-grandma. Cute, cudly, lovely, small grandma. My daddy's mom. She once read my palm. this is supposed to b a secret! *i put 99% trust on her readings* hahaha.. n she told me that eventho here i read dat u hv not a bright future in ur marriage, but things can still be upside-down, u can still change it before its too late, pray, n pray, God will help, as our 'road' is His' paintings. Wif prayers, and hardwork; happiness is in ur hands. It was one thing that i remember clearly. uh, i miss u Mok, dearly.

~cudnt find her pic anywhere in this lappy to upload here~ =( but she's always in my Heart!

bye for now.


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