Friday, January 16, 2009


It was healthy n unhealthy at the same time. Healthy because at least i dun just sleep n watch TV ol the times now. Unhealthy is bcoz my mind is totally influenced or shall i say possessed by this romantic but definitely a fairytale series after all!

Ive done with The Twilight Saga 1: Twilight, n now is reading enthuasistically on the 2nd book; The Twilight Saga 2; New Moon. Almost finish, just a few chapters n i'll jump to the 3rd book *oh,i cant wait much longer* The Twilight Saga 3; Eclipse.

i'll post reviews of the stories when i feel like sharing tho~ hahahhaa...but, u have to read them urself!

p/s: got to go now, a few chapter n next book!

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