Friday, January 16, 2009


This is a special post, to welcome a new magnificient masterpiece of God's hand to the world~

This is Afiq Nur Iman bin Zulkifli (i wish i can put bin Abe Yoh there) hhahaha...born on the 12th January 2009, 10.12 pm..He has the cutest lips n eyes (err, inherited from his mother i supposed...Hah!quote; Not the father) comel sangat!!!*ps, cant help it,im in Love wif babies!*

Here are some pictures of him;

this was taken 20 mins after being born to the world~

well?a professional in handling baby n snapping pictures!

hahha..kiut kiut sangatt!!!

i put up one of the pics wif the mommy. that was on Aug 2007.

hahaha...cute eh? ok lah, thats for now.

p/s: oh, i miss my angels~ kaklong,kakyong,eput,idwis,aimon,omar,alya n aydil! budat2,see u on chinese new year ok?!


spekmataputih said...

dear...the mommy n daddy got married on August 2007 n the baby was born on January 2008 (???)...waaaa!!! magnificent!!!

beeRamza said...


hahahahha...bekki doh! tu typing error jah nyo~ huahuahua~

kerol said...

da teringin nih~

beeRamza said...

tringin pe wei??