Monday, March 30, 2009


well, its time to make some things clear.

1. its true,i am a dancer. yes, dan sangat giler akan mnari.

2. again, oso wif theater. in the past 3 years, i've been in dekat 4-5 theaters.

3. dun judge me when im on stage. hahaha. its a completely different person. still me. without the tudung lah.

4. some of my close friends alredi know about this split-identity of mine. mommy oso knew.

5. y am i confessing these? uhh. maybe its bcoz of those pics tagged by Kak Jumie in fb.

6. hahahahah.


spekmataputih said...

ahahah...dun weri...i know

kerol izwan said...

beha is what you's not a confession lah. more to confirmation kot. takut salah orang. hahahaa. you go girl

beeRamza said...

arih: yeah u knew..of coz!

kerol: yeahh! beha is wat i am. so do u. *wink*

kerol izwan said...

boleh tahan daring pic kat fb..hahahaha~

ejai said...

huhuhu..the perception is not from what it been shown..persepsi org yg suka bermcm2..yg penting hati itu sendiri..~yg pntg kita enjoy & heppy dgn ape yg kita buat & x nyusahkan org~ *thumbs up* :)