Friday, March 27, 2009

If u cud only Understand.

di kala aku sepi, aku suke sangat type sumthing jiwang seperti ini. tolong jgn muntah darah. its not about who is the person m dedicating this. its about what i felt. again, life's is about up and down. dun expect too much. kita hanya manusia biasa.

the day where i felt like love cant rule life. at all.

thats the only word i can say.

i hate it when we dun even speak the same language now.
i hate it when we hit different notes when we talked.
i hate it when u cudnt even tolarate with late smses.
i hate it when u hate my frens.
i hate it when u make me cry.
i hate it when u think i lied.
i hate it when i keep on living with these hates.
i hate it when i know deep down i still want us to be together.
And i hate the facts that We Cant Be Together.

i can no longer be patient.
i have my own world, n it evolves around me.
ppl can understand me. y cant u?

i love u when u used to make me laugh, but it faded with time.
i love u when u used to make me smiles, but now my heart ached when u talked.
i love u when we used to know wats best for us, but now we are on different paths.

there's no need to hold on.
i will never regret to have u cheering my life. i will oso never regret to let u go.
if im not urs, then u must be somebody else's.

i've tried my best. but this love faded. the colours didnt shine anymore.
im sorry.

i do have sins. i make mistakes. a lot. major mistakes.
n its for u to know, i wont let u live with these haunting ur head.
so, pls move on. as i will move on too.
i do love u, n true love is to let u go.


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