Thursday, April 16, 2009


i just threw myself off a stupid audition *me=stupid, not the audition* i saw some famous faces but i cant recall the names. but the whole things was so fast. i can only remember im holding a board (like the cut cut scenes they used in the movie) written there Empayar Tamingsari, below was my name Robaeha. I was asked to turn every 90degrees (felt like a killer being caught there). They asked for my name, what im doing now and restlessly i answered everything with shaking legs n voices. omg, malu teramat. wat have i done? stupid. stupid.stupid. ok, there was a lady *i think she's an artist-nnt i figure out the name* asked me to do some impromptu action. hoiii~ i didnt take any acting class, but i just put all words in one sentences and waaalllaaaaaahhh!! it was totally a big mistakes. 5 minutes and im out. shame on me. urgh. i didnt got the part, of wateva they are casting. siot. naah, i didnt want any of it either. no, me? an actress? no n forever im not going into a walk-in audition.

ps: gudluck to kwn2 yang lepas. hahaha..u rawk!

kpd sesiapa y cuba mencari saya. lihat dalam laci or bawah meja or dalam bakul sampah sb saya malu teramat smpi rase mcm nak pkai topeng otromen for the whole week. -_-


kerol izwan said...

congratulation. for making up your mind and made the biggest step to go for the audition. you're the bloody zero in acting. at least you did try and nothing's wrong with that kan. it was one hell of a achievement i've to say. you're the bee's Robaeha kan. so aiman tak kisah la kalu lepas ke tak lepas ke, stuck ke. the laci might be opened eventually as people need gunting to cut the scene la. hahahaahaha..

aku da merepek...sebab sengal. hangover from lastnight ;)

spek said...

what? audition? no news pon

beeRamza said...

spek: its AD-HOC. WALK IN.

ejai said...

1st time maa..mmg gitu la jd nyer.. Aku bukan super, aku bukan star..huhu.bukan senang mau jd actress...hehe