Thursday, April 16, 2009

mommy + orchids.

i wonder y Moms love orchids? kne tunggu jadi mother dulu lah kot, n plg penting a housewife..hehehe..well, here is a special post for my mom. A very warm, beautiful, stylo i wud say *hahak* and so many more to describe her. she do best at house cleaning n washing. well, i said she do best at those, but she did very well being a very lovely mother. she's now almost 60 yet too young to be old. i like her taste in choosing colours n patterns. she's magnificient in her own way. humm.. dah benti keje and since my dad passed away, she concentrates more on flowers and flowers and flowers.. her fav are orchids!!! sgt lah banyak n makin bertambah everytime i got back. last week i manage to capture some of the orchids, they're blooming. sangat chaaaaaaaaaanntekk!! hehehe..mommy said, nak jage orkid is simple; talk to them everyday *whoooaaa, talk to flower? OKAY* n neva forgets to water them*but i think orchids ni tak pyh siram slalu*. here are some pics i captured including the owner skali. *wink, my momi sgt cantek ok?*

momi is showing me the flower she love the most.

uhh..sejuk ati tgk these orchids.

ok, thank momiii!! n have a very nice trip to Ho Chi Minh..!! enjoy urself, n u know i love u the most. mmuah!



ejai said...

nak sepasu, mau kasi my mom..mmg naluri ibu ni suka orchid..hehehe.

beeRamza said...

did u just say NAK sepasu? hahaha...cube la mintak kalo die nak bagi..whahaha...

ejai said...

anak nyer la tlg mintak kan..nescaya blh dpt.sepasu je, bukan setempayan..hehehe