Thursday, April 16, 2009

oh yes.

1. i've watched HeJustNotThatIntoYou - its not a Must Watch movie thou. tp sangat berkesan di hati. i love Drew Barrymore being a nerd and i hate Scarlett Jo for being such a seducer. i wonder if im an exclusion or a common. or something like that. love's not that easy to catch. well, if sape2 nak tgk u can go n watch. tak menarik sangat tp will make u wonder. a lot. a lot until u feel dizzy n ur head spins. not spinning gasing. whahhaa..k Yan n K Zairin gave 4 stars. OK lah tu...

2. i have a flickr account. do visit me at

3. i bought a new Converse. yes, n no i have to stop buying shoes! but i really LOVE it. sangat mengidam udah lama since 3 years back. yuuuhhhuuuuuu!!

thats all. news updated.



spekmataputih said...

1) not interested tq
2) pls repair the should be
3) demam shopaholic kor guano nih

kerol izwan said...

1: tak tgk lagi..
2: will do
3: teringat lak kite kuar g my white converse yang macam budak sekolah tu but up till now still kukuh dan tak burok! converse is my fav shoes ever!!!!! old school tu....skang mule nak berjinak2 ngan Paul Smith and Radical lak. hahahahah

ejai said...

3. ni koleksi shoes yg ke berapa? ke-31 ke.hehehe.worth la 3 tahun menunggu..