Monday, May 11, 2009


dear mommy,

its been a long 22 years,
yeah, u r the one who's been my backbone,
scolded me when i behave like 'oh-no-my-daughter-is-a-devil',
n hug me every time i whispered to u 'i love u'..

i remembered how u combed my hair,
n tied it so that i look cute,
also the time u looked at me when ur done.
mommy, i miss u.

i like the smell of ur perfume,
so i'd wear it without u knowing when u r not home
i envy the way u make urself beautiful
as u r always an angel for me

i knew for ages that u wanted me to become somebody
who u can lean on, trust on, be proud of..
n mommy, i promise u
thats wat u'll get..

i will become Somebody,
so as a daughter who loves u as much as u love her,
will do everything for u..
and i'll prove to the world.

yeah, i'll prove to the world.

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