Thursday, May 7, 2009

Read My Lips.

helo blog,

nothing much facts these days ha? am a bit moody. oh, maybe becoz of the weather. but i had a finger-licking dinner last night. nasik dalca y best. best, lately i got so many places in Penang which serves delicious food. or i shud start listing all the places in my blog? whaha..i will, bcoz at last i found non-mamak restaurants or stalls yang best bangat! no more mamak ok? except for roti canai. hee..

em, just posted a few pics of my last visit to KL or specifically to Istana Budaya. in my fb waaahh!! thats my 1st time going there thou. and was there to watch Mahsuri. it was mind blowing frankly. erm, maybe the actors and actresess were not as good as i expected BUT the sets..WOW! i managed to snap 2,3 sets before being alarmed. *akak, orang tu suluh2..maksudnye takleh amek pic* uh, who cares! hahaha..met few of the main actors(ess). Vee as Mahsuri was flawlessly-beauty, Azizah Mahzan as Wan Indah was seriously cool~, Wan Darus (i dont know his real name)- erm, Lelaki Melayu Terakhir lah kot. *wink* i queued for a pic with Hans Isaac and was waving (and got replied back) to Dato' Rahim Razali. whahaha.

ooops, i'll continue tmrw. Aina's waiting. chiow!

p/s: i ordered myself an EP of Yuna!

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ejai said...;s good u hv such great times recently :-).. to list all tmpt mkn yg syok2 tu.katPenang,I absolutely agree sesangat..ti wat list ek. 'mknan yg sodap' yg does matter not gah pd tmpt je...yummiess..