Friday, July 10, 2009

face the truth (5)

1st of all, THANKS to Awom, Hareez and Kerol!! sioot la korang..kutuk ak kow2 takpe..da smemang u are the best candidates who'll neva brag about me. antara calon2 laen ialah Oja, Atiq, Cekgu Fesal and itu lah, hanya anda shj y available. i was sure frustrated when Cekgu Fesal cudnt make it due to his workloads and classes (busssyyy nyeee!) tp takpe..replaced by Awom was marvellous! Cekgu, pls send my warmest regard to ur wife, u sure is RUGI bcoz didnt want to b part of the interview. yelah, ni je lah mase utk kutuk daku kooowww2 punye. just like wat Awom, Hareez and Kerol did! siiooooot dowh! =P

so, i got one big news this morning. one tiny-stupid-minded Anonymous commented on Kerol's blog accusing him being the reason i left my ex-bf. heeelllooooo~ butakah? he's a gud fren, no..he's my BEST fren OK? wat did he do, or we do that makes us a pair of lover? hhm..tak paham aku, dah lah org y accused tu konon2 secret to the hand lah laen pon tahu kami kwn baik since before. fuuh..but its okay, ak tak marah pon if ppl wanna say anything..sbb betul, kadang2 or sesetengah org tu cakapnye (or in this case, typingnye) lebih laju dari otaknye..i've been thru that, many times. hahahaha. ampun yek. kite 2x5, 5x2 jek, tp the diff is ak x serang blog or page org laen. wahahahaaha.. that'll make me 1 point better than u, wahai Mr/Mrs Anonymous.

ok now, back to the REAL world. 1st task is comingg!!! yeah! go get ready Bee, coz u r going to buzzzzzzzzzz there!!

ps: i'm going to Brinchang-Irau tmrw n will be back by Sunday. owh,hiking.sudah lama daku menunggu mu. thanks Awih, kerana mengajak daku n membuat daku membayar utk trip ini. wakaka. u r the best man! thats a fren for! mengajak-ajak di kala bergumbira kan? kan?? takpe, i'll take this as prepation utk 1st task nnt. owh pls dun flat bee. come on Berinchang-Irau!!


ejai said...

Dear Bee;

1st : Ur new look blog appearance bila masuk je,rase mcm kat lounge Theobroma la pulak..hehehe..

2nd : u r experienced enuff to handle all that kind of gossip tu..insya allah..ppl like tat cuma tau type je, just bcoz personal prob dgn u pedulik k.u stil got a bunch of colourful frens and families around u,not the MR or MS Anomy to ruins ur cheerful life and plg penting, god knows wat u've douing & hv been thru..

3rd: Gd dowhh!! (pinjam sat ur stail ni ek) go 4 hiking as part of preparation to ur 1st adventourous task 4 ur GM 2 u said, "JGN FLAT" and dun get injured ye, the real challenge is just around the corner..BEE is about to sting, so beware..yo...

p/s : If U can dream it, u can do it..(",)

Anonymous said...

a reminder: makesure all ur exs bf bless you to enter the gadis mel comp. \ex bf ke,sape2 lah yang pernah ada scandal ngan u kan.takut nanti ada gmbar2 yang tak spttnya tersebar.controbersy youuuu.cerita lama-lama u ke kan. auww.
yang benar,mr/mrs ano :)

kerolizwan said...


You're not without talent. You're not without skills. And I'm sure you're not someone who seeking for an attention. People loves you for who you are. You is you. People do shits on you, but they never know what they get for returns. Karma rocks everytime. Satisfaction? I wish they can sleep well evernight and have no guilty every morning they wake up by destroying people's life.

By shooting me, and more such ridiculous accusation seems overrated. do know the rules. People always put a grudge, which somehow..why should they? I a first place..the past is past and let the bygone be bygone!

I support you!

beeRamza said...

ejai: time kasih for the advices n comments. i think u shud start blogging since u write good. hahaha.

ano: thanks for the reminder. i do hope i got blessed by everybody thou. =)

kerol: emh! aku tak paham nape org nak kate kite kapel. siot je. dah terang2 gune aku-ko. ntah la..dah takde modal kot. takpe, once a fren, forever will be.

ejai said...

Sweetie Bee; hahaha.tq..mmg nak start pun, tp wait till u won this GM2 reality show ni ek.special entry (Just For U)from "Nobody to Somebody" From Campus Life to Reality Life Vs Celebrity Life..huhuhu..ok tak?..

refer to Mr/Mrs Ano: Word "SCANDAL" to harsh la..erk.couple to scandal ke?..

Refer to kerol ;Relax la realiti,long way to go..bro..The phrase "the past is past and let the bygone be bygone!" ~This is cool & sempoi..bro..

P/S : Let us VOTE for BEE!!

beeRamza said...


ejai: jgn menakutkan sy leh tak? hahaha..wat blog utk diri sndri la..nape nak buat utk org plak...aiyooo~ scary maaa..~