Thursday, July 16, 2009

face the truth (6)

short summary on wat i've done from middle of July until now. ohmy, giler cepat time runs.

11-12 July 09 : VOT Expedition. oh yes, berjaya menakluki Puncak Irau-Anak Irau-Berinchang (susunan ikut tertinggi) well, being amongst the 1st group to reach the peak was great! fewwh!

13-15 July 09: Camping *aaa...sumwhere in Perak* cant reveal yet. but sure is FUN! nnt tgk Episode 2; Gadis Melayu 2. i think it'll be on the 13th of August ni..hahak..

18-21 July 09: i was in my hometown. uh, i love Kelate so much!

well, even if the excitement has been worn out, the memories remain inside. thanks to all! giler-adventure!!


1 comment:

ejai said...

13th Aug 09 ni is a must watch tv show for those yg dah surf ur blog ni..huhuhu.. way to go the adventure time u got bck there..

Jeles seh, nengok gmbr2 dpt naik gunung tu..syiok tgk asap2 sejuk..sure bila ckp kuar asap cam kat tmpt omputih hehee.. xde pacat ker, sbb semua clean baik jer.

p/s : sempoi2...