Friday, September 25, 2009

disasterous raya?

let me tell u. simple.

someones broke into mommy's house. we lost so many things. INCLUDING my laptop. my laptop! ya Allah..its like losing half of my life. i nearly fainted. but the most important things were my daddy's belongings. how on earth are we going to collect it back? T_T

im now in Sri Pentas. pagi tadi sampai stesen Putra n awin picked me up at 6am. then i went out for branch wif Kerol (since awin was out working- on hari raya?pity u dear) and he sent me back to Peninsula. wahhh, kite mmg spesis y byk cakap kan? aiyokk! hahhaa...bising gile ok! so,everybody was back in town. =) but makin lame makin siket y tinggal. dah rase awkward plak. hmm..

ok, lets get back to bussiness! everyone pls take care ok!

p/s: selamat ari raye aidilfitri. n sorry for not replying raya wishes lagi..raya kan sebulan..ngeh3...

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chezelic yaya said...

ko rply msg aku tesgt la lmbtnya!!
bru pasan ko ada blog!