Friday, October 16, 2009

part of learning.

1. kejayaan tak datang ngan mudah.

2. pay for ur own happiness.

3. life's cruel but it teaches us how to live with it.

4. smiles help a lot!

5. be cool. nobody knew wats in ur head or heart.

6. pengorbanan tak nmpak di mate, sakit di hati, diingat sampai mati, tp kalao disalah erti..dibenci tanpa henti. tp tu lah hakikat idup. explaination n confrontation doesnt work everytime or.... will neva work. KOT.

7. doa, doa, dan doa. =)

8. i love being me. mase mood tgh elok. hahahaha

9. tunjukkan kasih sayang seikhlas mungkin. dan ur life will get better in time.

10. hectic. lagi sibuk lagi bagus. m not a winner anymore, but only one more step to reach for the star. helo star! here i come..

1 comment:

ejai said...

keep on smiling and doa, insya allah... ur star will alwiz shines it just a matter of time.. :)