Sunday, October 11, 2009


there's sumthing i wanted to reveal..but let me do this professionally..

1. go n check on tv9's website. if u can read on comments on every episode especially episode 9,8 and 7 (not the comments on contestant). u'll realize 1 nickname being so emotional n roughly accusing me of doing something bad etc. and hate me so much for being such a shorty? *wat a personal attack lah, marahkan my genetic code lah wei*

2. copy the nick and paste it on ur google or yahoo search bar.

3. take a look at wateva lies there. judge and tell me who is making fun of he/her oneself. is it me or that person?

4. kelakar gile kot weiih! hahahahhaa...

p/s: hahak. sorry for making ur comments and feedback so sarcastic. u make me wanna jump from klcc Laughing. pergh!

btw, i am short. n proud of it. n m proud of being me. =)


ejai said...

Hmmm.. Sabor..sabor..t'lepas lak nak check comment on that..evry epsd. Jealously comments tu from that person to it positive but dont jump from KLCC k.hehehe..

Btw, u r u and it is absolutely rite and I am really3 proud of u.*thumbs up* to Honey BEE.. :)

arnamee said...

KLCC tinggi sangat Bee, komtar its better yg;p

dia jenis "bermasalah", yg penting kamu jgn begitu.;p

+|+ FATIN LAILI +|+ said...

mcm nak tahu jer who's that bloody guy..

chezelic yaya said...

kt ne comment nya kak?
xjmpa pn..