Friday, October 9, 2009

its not the end.


"Behind every success there are many failures. If a success is without failure than it has no meaning at all"

hehhe...Julia said Welcome to the club! hahaha..well, im out..! but its not the end of the road yet. this maybe the start. rite?

thanks all for being very supportive..i'm actually surviving bcoz of u out there. mami, family, friends...i love u...!!!!!

i'll keep on updating ok?

bye bye Gadis Melayu 2..i'll be here ok?

Good Luck to the remainings..Putri, Fiqa, Finas, Nadia and Ima..



kerolizwan said...

cool babe! pasni more blogging! more outing! and definitely more things to come. you made it far. proud :DD. gaining the experience and embrace your very last moment being in the show. go go girl! :DD

p.s. madam zahida being all shitty la that night. she was literally pointed out her anger on you, which i don't see whether it's really needed or she just being a jerk nak cukup kan masa. urghhh

ejai said...

Hola..being out at that stage after 9 weeks u hv been in that prog is sumting yg remarkable journey u dah lalui..Taking consideration from the 1st u came in to the 24 finalist dulu kan.

who would imagine u hv gone tis far, overall u hv won lots of frens inside there and also ur fans outside.

Now begins another chapter in ur life which I believe are more challenging and meaningful in re-builidng ur future.Start from fresh k,"Success is in ur hand"

P/S : They say life ends when you stop dreaming,hope ends when you stop believing and love ends when you stop caring.So dream,hope and love.Hv a wonderful life evry day, dear. ~Maintain ur sempoiness & Chomei SoKmO~ :)

GDLK + TKCR...*wink*

Anonymous said...

take care of your self...i will alway s pray for your successfully in u r life...

akuorangbiasa-spekmataputih said...

dago weh...air nyo jom bowoh pokok (bleh dh la kecek gini pahnih...hahahah)