Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hannah Talent : Try Out!! Nak Jadi Model?

hahaha. jom try out nasib kot2 leh jadi model muslimah in year 2010. well, i think its worth a try. excited excited ok! hmm.. Hannah Talent ni mencarik model-model kanak2, lelaki and the most important thing is model wanita BERTUDUNG. cool~

tak tau nak buh pic mane but i think this one pon best. *wink wink*

so, try je lah k. =)

oh i have to write this; saya mengetahui contest in dari blog leEya . thanks gurl!


Hannah Talent said...

hye..i da view blog u..thanks 4 joinning n gud luck :)

wallpaper said...

follow u..gud luck..:)