Thursday, March 4, 2010

wind of change.

its my birthday!

today, 4th of March 2010..

im officially 23 years old.


yeay! yeay!

a year older, a lot wiser.


Anonymous said...

Yeay!yeay! Happy Besday! Happy Besday!..

It;s ur special day, Wish u a very best of luck..*two thumbs up*

I will alwizz pray for ur happiness and success & wait & wait & wait..

Keep in touch!! ^_^



bid said...

happy birthday beha..kite sebaya la kan...ha ha ha...lepas ni tak leh ngaku dah ler..hehe...=D

wish u all the best...


ZooL said...

eh...i tot 16 years old :)

kerolizwan said...

are you sure? a lot wiser? gedik lagi ada. :DD

beeRamza said...

en V.wagon : uuhh? thankss!! tp wait wait wait for what?

bid: time maceh bidd!! hehehe...

zul: oopss! yes m 16!! lallallala~

kerol: uh, diam diam. gedik dalam matang oke. waaahh!!

ZooL said...

hehehe...gud for you :)

Anonymous said...

wait,wait,wait for u lor..:)