Friday, August 6, 2010


i lost count of time when i fell into dreamland.
i hope nothing bad is real.
but i wanted all the good things really happened.
i met you, and our happiest moments in life.
but then the worst came, and took over my life.

i was lost, and can never turn back.
there, in dreamland i was given life,
later it was taken back, in a blink of an eye
and the music stopped.
strong winds and lighting came ringing.

oh. jangan tido tengahari dah.
tadi adalah mimpi dalam mimpi,
i got that semakin kerap after watching Inception. *wow*
hahah. but i really hate those.
sbb macam bodoh, in the dream i told ppl that i was dreaming about something.
after all, smua adalah mimpi.

tapi tengahari tadi in my dream i met several ppl who i dont think u guys wud ever dream off.

i wont tell! ha ha ha!

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Anonymous said...

hehe..jupo sapo?