Monday, December 20, 2010

Write: No or Yes

i got more drafts than posted entries! mungkin sbb self-esteem yang sangat low. maka sudah tidak berani bercerita. well, it took courage to actually write an entry about yourself. dont u guys think so? of course we are not any closer to courage the cowardly dog who's been helping the grandma a lot when he's afraid (ok, nonsense) but to put your life (i meant mine) in writings is not as simple as 1,2,3!

well, yeah. first you have to have a story. at least one story that can be elaborated into 2 to 3 paragraphs (4 is too much! its not supposed to end up into an essay) but u have to make it as exciting or as emotionally capturing as possible so people will keep on reading to the very last bits! then, add on some photos. thats hard (for me!) since i dont do snapping pics wherever i go. it just bothered my mind how bloggers do that. i mean, taking pictures of what they actually wanna write. magic! ha ha ha good point there. do you bloggers actually plans for what u r going to write? answer me Kerol! or Hanis Zalikha! or Vivy! hahahaha (i wished one of them will answer me, oh pls oh pls oh pls~)

then, u have to make sure ppl understand watever you are trying to tell! speak ur own language and you'll know you are the only one who reads your blog! well done! ehem, you have to learn whats the language used in the blogging world. simple but catchy vocabs may help. i sometimes have the idea that ppl dont really get what im trying to say..errr,..wait! i think my entry is turning into a tutorial~ oh nooooooo!

set up a point of where your writing is heading! if its a story, dont end it with awakening from your dreams. if its a news, dont jump from politics to weather news. ok dear? try not to write sumthing thats obviously trying to get attention. of course blogging is all about freedom of speech and spreading all the feelings of oneself! but there must be a limit. i know u ppl are smart enuff to put limits in your writings. =) i hope mine has limits too.

erm. (am trying to skip the word 'well'. its too much sumtimes) do write from the heart. trust me, readers can tell. its like they know when u r just making up stories, and when u r not. ha ha. its called sixth-sense guys! Bruce Willis' not the only one with that, the readers got it too. Be prepared.


u see, even if u dont really know what to write at the first place, when u r open with ur heart u'll end up with a very long entry without knowing what to put in the title box. tadaaaaaa! so think hard for a very nice title, make sure it linked with the entry!

see ya!

p/s: i wanted to write something about Me, seriously i need spaces to spill out my depressions! But i think its okay now. Maybe next time.


p/s/s: the 3 bloggers i listed (and linked) above is my all-time favourites! they are sooooooooooooo.....urgh, go figure urselves!! i bet u'll like them too!


kerolizwan said...

Okay. I heard you. To say, I didn't plan on what I'm going to write. It came out like what you read. Macam tiba tiba je nak tulis.


I don't plan on what pictures should be posted nor trying to snapping as much pictures for one particular entry. Again. It came out compulsively. Hehe

Ah. I'm not a good a blogger lah. Well Haniz Zalikha is. I really am trying to write like her, seems so hard, and difficult. She's like one genius lady with all the look and talent and she nails it good every other entry! Haih.

p.s. Keep it writing. Change the layout. Reduce the complexity and make it more simple and more YOU! Goodluck ye Bee. I am no good at blogging but I try. Lucky to have you and others who reads it. If not mati gak blog tuh *nak promote gak* HAHA

liyana said...

yeah..i bet kerol will reply. and great he i did.

keep on going dear! i like read others. jangan follow my footsteps though:)

beeRamza said...

kerol: i got u. reduce the complexity. hahahahah adoi. rumit sangat eh? and i'll change the layout! thanks for noticing!

yana: thanks to u too! mmuah!