Monday, December 20, 2010

new discovery!

okay, maybe its not that new. no shocking news. but despite of all the blogs i have been hopping, i found out this marvelous blog written by a very energetic lady, who i think is already a mom, but seriously she is STYLISH, and unique, total outspoken, very high-spirited person like she's living in a waaaaaaaaaaaayyy different world from mine (damn, they are!).
Where do they came from?

Sue Anna Joe, she's been inspiring many ppl to write and blog in a way to express real feelings. i also believe many of us have been influenced by the way she dressed up! (wearing hijab and be fashionable can never be wrong!) she spoke her world, she colors it with her own style. okay, maybe i am too much. but enuff of being so fanatic, lets discover this young lady by indulging and digesting her words. im sooooo into her right now! ^_^

Here is the url to her blog! she even own a lookbook!
aaaaaaaaaand a fashion blog. *envy envy* plus a FB fanpage!

did i mention before she's a mom? wow! no, big WOW for her!

and finally......we both share one particular thing which is very important...................

............that is...........

we both heart the gorgeous Yuna!


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liyana said...

kerol showed me this. and yes I fall in love with her instantly. thanks to u.but to wear like her...needs real courage.