Thursday, December 18, 2008


Hi daddy,

been missing u ol the times. U r a true angel, with a very bright-convincing-fatherly-warmth smile.

Miss u lots.

Take care.

* pics taken was the latest before he passed away. Above; sitting on his fav couch, home. Below; holding Raudatul Alya Ramza, his 7th grandchildren, Melaka.

"A Million Words Would Not Bring You Back, I Know Because I've Tried.
Neither Would A Million Tears, I Know Because I've Cried."



kerol said...

one thing that i guarentee..
~he'll alwyas your true angel, with a very bright-convincing-fatherly-warmth smile~


aryn mcpherson said...

my dad passed away to0..
alfatihah for both our dad..

aryn mcpherson said...

1 thing I realized..u posted this entry during the day my dad passed away..17th December 2008..I miss my dad so much too..May All Bless them all..

ejai said...

Now i got to see the pict of ur beloved father..~Al-Fatihah~ to ur daddy..