Tuesday, January 6, 2009


paint Love ur Way..

m listening to Selimut Hati at the moment.

filled wif frustration and love at the same time.

hv u heard of a story about a choc-hater who's in love with a choc-lover? well, they are totally different, but they do hv one thing in common ; which is LOVE.

do u think they can go on? being in love n hatred n for some reasons they think they HAVE to be together, on the other hand realizing How are they going to survive? is Love the answer? or rationality of human brains? ha ha.

hey, wat do i care?

loving is sumthing not to be questioned. but appreciated. wif every single breath.

p/s: so watch SPA Q 2. think m in love with the whole-stress-conflicting-love-family-stories. BUT not the wigs. iiyeakkh!

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kerol said...

sedey..coz tak dapat berlakon spaQ..=(