Tuesday, January 6, 2009


i lost my Faith sumwhere.

cud sumone help me look for it?

thou Truth and Love helps, still cudnt find it. Must be sumwhere, in the middle of the journey to Destiny.

btw, do u know what Faith really is? to find out, click here

p/s: i got myself wearing baju kurung everyday since New Year 1430. trying hard to b good. *physically i won!* hah!


kerol said...

pakai baju kurong ari2? nak tarik perhatian prof mashor ke? ermmm~

beeRamza said...

elo, buruk sangke nye ko..azam niu year ni..Hijrah in a simple word..insyaAllah..

by the way,wats ur resolution?

kerol said...

to be honest beha...i don't do resolution! seriously! never! meaning...memang tak pernah langsung. i go with the flow =p