Tuesday, January 13, 2009


wah, im so exhausted..deep inside..aku pon tak tau nape (n i hate expressing feelings in Malay) oopss, not going to b Sharifah Amani, but different ppl hv their own way of expressing oneself. *totally correct!*

n rite now, im feeling a bit depressed, erm, maybe not that bit but much more than tiny bit..*still figuring out how much stess m feeling rite now* naah, it doesnt matter..

ive filled my whole weekends by cooking n reading novel. not that busy huh? hahaha...but it was very exciting when it comes to the cooking thingy..me, together wif housemates were cooking like it was a competition! our turn (by groups: me + aina) was on Saturday, n the next day was the other 2's turn (K sheela + Bid). Hah! here r the menus;

Tomyam Ayam
Black Pepper Fried Chicken
Telur Dadar Special

Sup Daging Utara
Sayur Kangkung
Ikan Masin Goreng

Hahahahah...not bad ha? The fun part was eating together lah~ Me, Aina, Bid, KSheela, KSalmi n Kzairin..*well, mesti lah ade tukang tengok n tukang rase rite?* Alhamdulillah, everything went well n takdak sapa pon kena food poisoning~ hahaha..

Novel; The Twilight. Fuh, last nite i finally finished it! No crying, but a lot of 'smilling glenya-ly' at some part. ceh, feels like i'm the one whose in love. ceh, *again* i hate being influenced by books! Bella Swan n Edward Cullens did well bringing up their roles. Nope, m not dreaming to b Bella Swan, but m praying for Edward. HAH!! gile ko nak ade orang mcm tu..~ enuff enuff..next step is the The Twilight Saga 2; New Moon. fyi, all series dah ade kat umah (except for Midnight Sun). Thanks to my housemate, KYan who was fanatically-crazy-loving Edward Cullens! hahaha..nasib baik she didnt put up a poster of the Vampires in our room..* i wonder, adults still have this fanatic-over-handsomelooking-fairytale-hero eh?*

erm, tho this week's health was belom 50%, well, i was doing nothing to keep it up *no panadol, no pills or medicine to sooth it* so it suits me well.. in other words, Padan Muka. Long live Flu! hahahaha...

p/s; Do pray for Palestines, thats all we can do tho.

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