Saturday, October 3, 2009


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh..memang sy degil, dan suke melawan. sangat degil. dan suke suke suke suke melawan. fine.

thats all.

i need a place to shout out my mind.


being all degil is bcoz i dont see things moving the right road. or is it me whose out of the stupid line.

mood: where can i buy those happy mood eh?


+|+ FATIN LAILI +|+ said...

seems like u r very stress..come on strong....

akuorangbiasa said...

buy happy mood?? why pay more?? buy wholesale!! hahahaha...

"burry a cheese of mice so we could be nice life.."


tembun said...

hehe kita sama kot
gi je tempat xder org
pastu diam seketika

ejai said...

Degil!Degil!Degil! Lawan jgn tak lawan.. for ur own gud..gak tu..dont let ppl easily bully u..