Thursday, January 21, 2010

creepy crap.

i may look strong,
u may think im a superhero,
coz i dont feel pain,
or even say an 'ouch'.

i smile,
n never cry,
there lies the truth
that m a faker.

love is beauty,
and magic to me,
for that i dont have doubt,
n dont have the heart to hurt it

so i hurt myself,
closed my eyes,
walk past them
to see they grow
n never dies.

i may talk crap,
no one can understand.
its okay,
as long as i didnt lose myself
n keep standing still.
to give love
to all.

no more tears,
no more anger,

if u really feel the heat of this magic,
make it lovable,
dont make it a burden
love is a treasure,
given by God.


Ceghi said...

u talk ur heart out..
like em..yum3..

beeRamza said...

tima kaceh..tima kaceh..~

ZooL said...

u may look small...
u may look short..
but ur huge..
in ur heart..


Anonymous said...

the magic still there orite...

beeRamza said...

zool: thanks! =D

anon: magic? oh, i'm full with it..bcoz im a Witch..~

Anonymous said...

but if the witch didnt use her magic, the magic wont work...the wizerd will just sittin pretty there and die...guano mu neh..."the word to verify also in this comment also gravers...pretty scary huh.."

beeRamza said...

anon: sile becakap bahse manusie..tok pehey lahh~

Mr Carrickfergus said...

hmm.. after all, life is never easy... but have faith sis. one day you won't believe to see how actually strong you are. to make it thru all these ups and downs in life... hehe~

salam blog hopping, =)

beeRamza said...

Mr Carrickfergus, that was very kind of u to say that. :D i hope i have enuff faith+strength to go thru these ups n downs in life.

salam blog-hop too!

Anonymous said...

ziwa like it beeeehaaaa ! x)