Tuesday, December 21, 2010


hows that?

bak kate Kerol, kena reduce the complexity (which i dont know if he meant it in my writings or the layout~) ha ha ha.

i am so liking the new layout. senang. simple. dan tak merembeskan perasaan cuba meraih simpati follower dgn gambar2 kat tepi.

well, welcome to the new (tiap2 tahun pon nak brubah kan?) Beha Ramza!

u can follow my blog here, or tag along with me thru my fb!

also, do support me in my own online shopping site for muslimah!
add us on fb :: Ramza Mode!
and the website is coming soon~ *nervous nervous*
baby steps are slow, but once they start running it must be hard to stop!
go go Ramza Mode!!


kerolizwan said...

this is it. this is MOREEEEE like it! :)

Anonymous said...

ikan ni best ler...bodo bodo jer dia ikot ehhehe